New Year's Resolution

Make 2018 New Year's resolution the year you improve what is arguably the most important soft skill - communication. Even today, in this world of texts, emails and messaging of all kinds, the spoken word is still the most effective way of communicating.

What can be better than starting the New Year full of confidence? Being able to speak without anxiety. You never know what  this could lead to - perhaps a new and better job, more success at college or university. If you're a coach or a teacher of anything, dance, sport, music for example this new confident voice could get you more clients and lead to a more affluent 2018. If you have children you could enrol on my course which shows you how to help them become more confident when they speak. 

If your New Year's resolution is to improve your voice and confidence enrol on one or more of my courses now. I have courses for learning to speak clearly and confidently, for showing children how to speak clearly, how to practice vocal exercises, how to recite poetry or how to give a  speech. Have a look now - if you click the links to the courses you will be able to look at sample lectures before you buy.

New Year's Resolution online courses

How to Speak Clearly & Confidently
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This short course will teach you how to speak clearly and show you how to make what you say sound interesting. It is very much like the first lesson I would teach you face to face but you have the added advantage that you can watch it over and over again.

How to speak clearly and confidently will teach you how to speak  so that you will find making presentations, talking to people at work or school much easier.

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For only £15 you can be improving your speaking skills immediately

Voice exercises to improve your speaking voice
Having received great reviews this course is now on offer for only £9.99

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'A great and informative course - What a good idea of Serena's to do a speech course where the learner can participate and learn how to speak better.'

'Though I have been studying the speech sounds of English for quite sometime, there are still many new things to learn from this course. Thank you, Ms. Greenslade.'

This course takes you through vowel and consonant sounds, I explain how each sound is made, how it should sound and then there is an exercise for each sound. Each letter has it's own lesson so you can jump around and pick on the sounds you  need to improve.

£9.99 with this discount code
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How to give an Informative Speech
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This course will show you how to prepare your speech, how to deliver your speech whether you should stand or sit and whether you should read it or memorise it. You will also learn how to speak so that you are clearly understood. 

Unlike a lot of courses about public speaking there are no super insights like 'imagine your audience is naked' it teaches the basics, in simple form, of good clear speaking.

Not only does this course show you how to speak your speech it also takes you through the process of writing a speech and explains how to choose what to include.

There is also an added resource of  a list of 40 suggested titles for your informative speech.

Only £15  with my discount code
 For only £15  you can be making a brilliant speech later today

Help your child to speak clearly

'There are many parents who want to teach their child or children to speak in English, but they do not know how to go about doing it. If you are one of these parents, this course is highly recommended to you because it contains many useful tips and sound advice on how to encourage your child to speak, not only clearly, but more. I especially like the part where the instructress guides us on how to encourage a child to speak in sentences, rather than giving one-word answers. I found that many parents and teachers who are non-native English speakers have problems in this area. They do not know how to expand a conversation and as a result of that, children do not have enough exposure to the sounds and rhythm of the language, which is crucial to mastering the language. I think this course provides the missing pieces that could help many parents and teachers to improve in this area. Thank you Ms. Greenslade, for putting this course together.' Course review by Soon Kheng, Chan

As parents we spend hours encouraging children to walk (often before they are ready), to count and to read but we rarely spend time actively encouraging them to speak clearly. I don't mean correcting how a word is pronounced, 'no, it's not oppolit, it's opposite' (a word I had trouble with as a child) I mean teaching them to speak in sentences. We assume that because we talk all day every day our children will pick it up. 

This course will show you how to help children, how to correct them, how to encourage them to speak in sentences and how to have fun with sounds. The methods used in this course can be used to help children who aare just learning to speak or older children who just lack clarity or confidence.

Only £10 with this discount code - enrol today and help your child become more confident

How to recite 'Daffodils' by William Wordsworth

This course is not an English Literature course. I have been reciting from memory and reading out lohow to read aloud  poetry for the last 50 years - I started very young! This course will show you and explain to you how to make the poetry sound interesting. How to make the importnat words stand out, how to be clear and expressive. We will not wonder why certain words were used instead of other words - we will take, almost at face value, the words on the page and make them sound convincing.

Only £10 with this discount code

Good communication skills are important at any time of the year but for some reason January is the month when we all feel the need to improve some aspect of our life. If you click on the specific links for each course you will find the up to date fee - yo may be lucky and get a New Year Sale price!

What people say.....

You are a "Guru" (teacher) in the true sense of the word, as you impart and share your knowledge in totality, and I'm lucky to have you as a teacher. Kavita.

I would like to thank you for helping me have confidence in my speech today. It is because of you I did much better than I have before when presenting as speech. I was a little shaky, but other than that my voice sounded fine and I pronounced every word slowly and with emphasis on those that I wanted people to hear! Elections are tomorrow. Without you, this would not have happened! You are an inspiration! Thank you so much, Joe from New York

At the end of last term my son went for head boy and delivered an amazing speech, something we never imagined he would put himself forward for. Many of the teachers complimented him and were taken aback by his confidence and presence, he buzzed with excitement for days afterwards and said he loved speaking in public. It is through all your hard work that he has this turn around in his approach to speaking and for this we will be forever grateful. Elaine

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