Show and Tell

More and more children are having to give a Show and Tell at school and a lot of children struggle with this.

Step 1

Decide what you are going to take to school to show. It could be something you collect, your favourite toy or anther object from your home.

Step 2

 Make some notes. Start by describing what you have. Don't assume that the people listening will know anything about it. Tell them what it looks like, explain if it does anything and if so how it works. Finish by saying why you like it.

Step 3

Practice your talk out loud so many times that you can almost say it without having to look at any notes.

Remember to speak slowly and open your mouth so that the sounds can get out. You want your classmates to be able to hear you and they need time to take in what you've said.


If your child can speak clearly and confidently they will have a distinct advantage at school which will help them achieve higher passes in their exams.

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