I was so terrified of speaking ..

..when I was young that I decided to write a book that would help others who felt the same...

"But what do you want from a book about Speaking Anxiety?"

I guess you'd like a book that gives you confidence.

None of that 'imagine your audience in their underwear', personally I don't see that ever working!

When I was younger I was so terrified of speaking that I didn't speak to my teacher for a whole academic year.

I wanted someone to tell me how to get the confidence to get the words out of my mouth.

I didn't want people to point at me and laugh when I spoke which is what I was convinced they would do.

This book does just that - it explains how the sounds get out of your mouth and shows you how to look and sound confident.

You might not be as frightened as I was, perhaps you can talk to your workmates but need to give a wedding speech or similar that is really worrying you.

Perhaps you want to have a head start in your speech class.

There's a chapter about giving a speech - how to stand so that you can breathe and swallow easily.

Did you know that what you wear affects the way you speak?...

and should you say sorry if you go wrong?

This book is aimed at ordinary adults who just want to improve how they sound and how they feel when they speak.

Parents - do you want to help your child?

When my children were at school they often had to give presentations. Luckily I was able to help them and they both enjoyed the experiences. When they were 15 they both attained 'A Star' in their GCSE Spoken English exam.

Some of their friends weren't so happy about talking in front of the class.

If you have children or if you're a student at college taking a speech class, this book has a chapter devoted especially to you. It includes

  • 5 steps to preparing a speech
  • 5 steps to practising a speech
  • How to slow speech down
  • 5 steps to standing correctly
  • 10 top tips for children
  • 20 topics for your speech
  • Poems to be read aloud - written especially for children

Funerals - you've chosen the poem, can you read it aloud?

Funerals are a daunting affair for everyone and if you have to read a poem, you'll feel even more pressure.

You will have chosen the poem with care so you'll want the meaning to be apparant to the listeners.

I found out when I was training that the pauses used in poetry are different than the pauses used in prose and this means that the poem keeps its shape and meaning.

Chapter 6 explains how to read poetry out loud.

How good are you at conversation?

I used to answer questions in such a way that the conversation was over before it began and yet it's so easy to answer so that the conversation continues. Find out how in chapter 5.

Do your children take part in sports lessons, dance lessons, horse riding etc?

If they do I bet that like me, you asked friends, looked through the yellow page to find a good qualified coach.

However, even if you have the best coach in the area, if the pupil is too frightened or just unable to communicate with the coach, the results won't be brilliant.

I wanted my children to get the most out of their lessons (gymnastics, dancing, tennis, swimming, drumming etc.) so I learnt how some children seemed to be able to get more from the lessons than others, now you can find out how.

What else is covered?

Sight reading, useful for auditions and interviews. Voice exercises, articulation, breathing...

This book will be used time after time. Next week you might have to give a wedding speech, then perhaps your children need to give a presentation at school or college.Years later you might be asked to read a poem at a funeral or birthday party. Perhaps you'll start a new job and have to make conversation with strangers.

I have to give a speech tomorrow - is it too late to read this?

Now's the best part. The information in this book will make a difference immediately. Obviously, the more you practise the better you get but there are some things that don't need practise.

Please order now to get the Speaking Anxiety Bible at the low price of only £10 for 58 pages.

Make sure you get a good nights sleep tonight,


  • This book will never go out of date so you can keep it and hand it down to your children and they can hand it down to their children.


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Serena Greenslade
F.V.C.M.(Hons), A.N.E.A.