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Writing poetry is a special way of using words and involves putting these words in a special order. 

This course covers poetic form, rhythm and rhyme and encourages you to write poetry that you are proud of. It has been designed so that you can hop from one section to another, they are not dependent upon each other, this makes writing your poem easier for you as you can concentrate on the particular form of poem that you want to write.

This course not only explains how to write poetry but also has many various writing exercises to help you create your poetry. 

There are practical projects for you to try which can be downloaded  - writing sentences in different metres, write a sonnet with specific line endings,  give examples of rhymes and more, answers and ideas are given in a pdf sheet.

I explain the importance of making a poem your own. We all go through different emotions during our life - some happy, some sad, some frightening, some serious and many of us find that being able to put on paper feelings that we find difficult to talk about very therapeutic. Creative writing can be a wonderful outlet for our emotions.

There is a closed private Facebook group where people can share their poetry with other students.
I have studied poetry since the age of 10 and in my profession as a voice confidence coach I teach people how to speak poetry out loud almost everyday of my working life.

Poetry is much more powerful when spoken out loud and so the last part of this course covers speaking your poems aloud.

This course does NOT attempt to analyse English poetry it focuses entirely on you learning to write poetry.

Reviews of my course

'I like that you are not just rambling about being authentic and finding yourself and on and on (like another course I tried), but getting right to the nuts and bolts of HOW to write poetry.' Gregory

'After reading many books about poetry and still not quite getting to grips with meter and stressed/unstressed syllables. Serena managed to teach me in a matter of minutes. Lovely clear and coherent teaching style. So glad I did this course'

'So wonderfully explained. I love her' – Manisha

'I loved it a lot it was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot and learned so much' – Nidhi

'I have enjoyed writing poetry for years now, but this course has helped so much for me to understand a little more about just why I enjoy it and how I may be able to adapt it. Thank you' – John

' I've always wanted to learn the basics of traditional poetry, like meter and structure. This course did a great job of explaining these sometimes difficult concepts. Ms. Greenslade has a charming, down-to-earth style that is easy to understand. I am so glad I took this course!' - Jonathan

'REALLY helpful. I'm delighted.' Liz

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