Id-E-Milad Speech

If you have to give a speech or talk about Id-E-Milad make sure you fully understand what it is and what it celebrates. Then you will be able to give an interesteing and expressive speech.

Every speech, talk or presentation needs a beginning, a middle and an end.

Id-E-Milad is celebrated on 28/29th October 2020 and it is the celebration of the birthday of Prophet Mohammad.

The beginning of your Id-E-Milad speech should explain what Id-E-Milad is and why it is celebrated. State where he was born and why it is celebrated.

Prophet Mohammed was born to Amina in 570 A.D. He was born in Mecca in Saudi Arabia and he was a member of the Quraish tribe. His father Abdullah passed away before he was born and his maother died when he was only six years old. He was looked after by his grandfather Hazrat Abdal Muttalib.

The middle part of the speech could contain the different ways your family and friends celebrate Id-E-Milad. Where do you go?What food do you eat? What do you wear? How do you decorate your house or your street?

Do you make special badges, bunting or posters? End your Id-E-Milad speech by explaining the significance of Id-E-Milad today and talk about what young children do to celebrate the day.

How do they learn about this special day?

Once you have written your speech or talk practice saying it out loud.

Don't look at your notes the whole time, look up at the listeners when you get to an important word.

Make sure you don't speak too quickly and make sure that your articulation is clear. The last consonant in every word needs to be heard.

Every 'th' needs your tongue between your teeth.

Pause when you get to a full stop or comma.

You must give your listeners time to take in what you have said.

Put expression into your speech by making the important words stand out.