Indian Republic Day Speech

Many people have to write and give an Indian Republic Day Speech and here you will fiond help in writing and presenting this speech.

India will celebrate Republic Day on January 26th 2017 and it is one of India’s most important events.

If you have to give a speech about this remember that every speech must have a beginning, a middle and an end,

I suggest that the beginning would have a little bit about the origins and importance of Republic Day, talk about the declaration of independence in 1930 and the fact that it was not until 26th Jan 1950 that the Constitution of India became the law of all of India.

Talk about the celebrations and parades that take place all over India.

Don't forget to mention the Beating Retreat on the third day after Republic Day.

Talk about any personal traditions your own family may have, do you always celebrate in the same way?

The middle part of the speech can talk about the present day, what state is India in now? How is the education system? How many people still live in poverty? Remember that today is a positive day so try not to spend too much time on any negative points (although you may not want to ignore them).

The end of the speech should concentrate on hope for the future. What do you hope or expect the next few years to be like? End by thanking your listeners and wishing everyone a happy Republic Day.

Once you have written your speech practice saying it out loud.

Make sure you don't speak too quickly and make sure that your articulation is clear.

Every 'th' needs your tongue between your teeth.

Pause when you get to a full stop or comma.

You must give your listeners time to take in what you have said.

Put expression into your speech by making the important words stand out.

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