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Pirate Pantomime Script

Pirate Pantomime Script - have a party - panto style. Get out your costume and dust of your pantomime scripts - it's that time of year again - Pantomime time. Pantomimes are fun but can be a bit overpowering for some children who don't really understand the concept of joining in and booing. A great way to introduce children to pantomimes is to put on one this Pirate show. It's written for only 2 adults, one female, one male, so are ideal for mum and dad. It lasts approx 20 mins depending on how much the children join in.

The props needed are minimal as are the costumes but the whole concept of the children joining in and having fun is there. This pantomime script is also great for schools or playschools to use as an end of term treat. This show only uses hand props and usually involve getting a child up to help. Steph and Doug (who are well known for their shows) do not stick rigidly to the script as they adapt it to suit the children in the audience.

The children usually sit in a circle on the floor in front of Steph and Doug. The pirate script needs a sword and shield for a child to use plus a ships steering wheel (plastic ones are available from party shops), a toy parrot, a map and a pirates chest.

Children in the South of England love this Pirate pantomime script so we hope that children all over the world get as much fun out of it.

Pirate Pantomime Script

Below is a sample from the script:

Captain - Ahoy, me shipmates. Are you all having a nice time? Let me introduce myself. My name is Captain Shivermyfingers - don't laugh, it's not funny. (Children laugh) Stop laughing. Well, when you hear my name you have to put your hand out and wave your fingers, can you do that? (Children do it.) Very good. This here is my pirate friend and she's called Pirate Bea. Can you all say 'Hello Pirate Bea'?

(Children wave and shout.)

Bea - Hello everyone. Now before we go any further we need to make sure you can all shout loud enough to help us with our story. Can you all shout loudly? (Children shout) No sorry, I can't hear you, can you all shout loudly? (Children shout again.)

Captain- That's rubbish! I said 'can you all shout loudly?' Children shout again That's better, now we need to teach you the sound effects for our story.

Bea - The first one. Whenever you hear us say the word 'running', you need to put your hands on your knees and pat them up and down to make a noise. Ready? - 'Running'. Very good. The next one is really easy. When we say 'suddenly' can you put your arms in the air and wave them about while making a silly noise?

Captain - I'll do the last one. When I say 'a-hoy' put your fist in the air like this (Puts fist in the air) and shout 'a-hoy' after me.

Bea - Okay, Captain, let's have a practise. We'll start off really slowly and get faster and faster to see if you can keep up. Ready...

Captain - Running, Suddenly, A-hoy (practise about 5 times)

Bea - Very good, give yourselves a big clap. On with the story.

Captain - Let me tell you all about me. I'm Captain Shivermefingers (children wave fingers) and I'm the bravest and most handsome pirate you'll ever meet.

Bea - Oh no you're not (get children to join in). read further click the buy now button below.

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