With the French Open closely followed by Wimbledon everyone seems to fancy learning to play the sport so this time of year should be especially busy for tennis coaches.

Building your business

If you're a coach now is the time to build your business using the magic of the French Open and Wimbledon to help you.  Admitedly a lot of the new pupils will fall by the wayside but if you are good at your job and good at communicating with them you should keep a fair proportion of them for years to come. You may know all about topspin, slice, lobs, be able to teach left handed and right handed pupils with ease, have hours of brilliant drills at your fingertips for your pupils but can they hear you? Can they understand what you are saying? You have to teach (especially in the UK) outdoors where the wind can carry your voice and make it sound weak. You need to sound enthusiastic, authoritative and friendly all at the same time. Have you ever been taught good communication and speaking skills?

Train the next Wimbledon Champion

I have taught tennis coaches for many years and been present at many tennis lessons - my daughter played tennis and is a qualified coach. I noticed that the most successful coaches in terms of number of pupils were coaches that could easily converse and explain things to children and adults. They were not necessarily the best technically. If you are going to train the next Wimbledon Champion you had better get those communication skills right.

Online course

Based on my years of teaching, writing for the  'Tennis Pro' and the International Tennis Federation Coaching and Sport Science Review and first hand knowledge of tennis coaching I have developed a two hour course that will help you. If you enrol I will give you support and guidance if needed 365 days a year. What have you got to lose? Nothing and everything to gain. Enrol now and improve your business.

Better communication for Sports Coaches

What do you, as a coach, do when you're working? You’ll probably answer ‘teach tennis’ or 'coach basketball' etc. Obviously this is true, but if you stop and think about it, the majority of your time is spent, not playing your sport, but communicating with people. Sports coaches communicate all the time. Good sports coaching communication skills are vital to the success of your business.

I have written articles for various sports publications about the importance of communication for publlications world wide including 'Tennis Pro' and the International Tennis Federation Coaching and Sport Science Review.

You have to speak to parents, children, school teachers, head teachers, managers, receptionists, businesses and adult learners to name a few and amongst this list are the young, old, agile, not so agile, polite people, funny people, argumentative people and easy going people.

This course will show you how to do this. Free with this course is my ebook - 'How to get better results from your athletes - what other coaching manuals don't tell you'.

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What people say about me .....

You are a "Guru" (teacher) in the true sense of the word, as you impart and share your knowledge in totality, and I'm lucky to have you as a teacher. Kavita.

I’m lucky enough to have had some elocution classes with Serena face-to-face some years ago in Bournemouth. Having English as a second language I used Serena’s knowledge and professionalism to help me, at first, to understand that an accent can be a part of your character and this gives your speech some flavour. The important bit is to understand and learn how to speak every single word clearly, with a good pace, with high and lows which make your speech interesting. It was enlightening, and now I have found online all those wonderful classes with a genuine English lady. This is priceless. Thank you Serena!

At the end of last term my son went for head boy and delivered an amazing speech, something we never imagined he would put himself forward for. The teachers were taken aback by his confidence and presence, he buzzed with excitement for days afterwards and said he loved speaking in public. It is through all your hard work that he has this turn around in his approach to speaking and for this we will be forever grateful. Elaine

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