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Elocution and Public Speaking

Clear speech is popular again!

Do the words elocution teacher conjure up an image of a little old lady dressed in a Tweed suit talking rather 'posh' ? If so,  think again! I live in jeans, laugh a lot and have a hint of a Dorset accent when not teaching but I am passionate about my work and am incredibly serious (with a smile)  when it comes to teaching my pupils to speak clearly. I've been teaching since 1994 and have had articles published world wide.

 All my lessons are by Skype or via an online course

Remember all successful people have one thing in common: Confidence
Successful people have confidence in their ability to succeed and in their ability to communicate.
To succeed in the world today, children and adults need to be able to communicate with confidence.
Even in this age of emails and text messages, the spoken word is still the most effective way of communicating.

Elocution lessons by Skype for adults

 Do you  want to improve your speaking?  You either talk too fast, too quietly, with an accent or just get frightened at the thought of speaking. My video courses are like having a lesson with me, just you and me doing exercises and learning how to speak clearly. These are a fraction of the cost of a private lesson and you can watch them over and over again forever.

  • Fees £20 for a 30 minute lesson or £55 for 3 lessons
  • These lessons can help with your articulation - do you leave off the ends of your words or do all your vowels sound the same?
  • Do you speak very quickly and find it impossible to slow down without sounding monotonous?
  • I can show you how to speak clearly and how to speak with expression.
  • An added benefit of taking lessons is that your brain gets a good workout and brain stimulation is good for all of us.
  • Lose your accent
  • Many people come to me with the same question - can you help me lose my accent? Elocution lessons can help with the reduction of an accent. and my popular English pronunciation course is perfect for this.

Elocution lessons for Children

  • If you want your children to feel confident and speak clearly, with good clear articulation, have a look at my page for children
  • £11 for a 30 min lesson or £30 for 3 lessons
  • Please note that the youngest age I will teach by Skype is 6

During a session I'll teach you how to speak at the correct pace (not too fast but not too slow), to speak at the correct volume and with expression. Talking with expression doesn't mean speaking dramatically, it means using your voice to sound interesting and exciting.

Good articulation (correct consonant sounds and correct vowel sounds) and accent reduction can also be achieved with practice - but a lot of people love their accent so it's worth remembering that you can speak clearly and confidently with an accent as long as it's not too overbearing.

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