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Would you like to be able to talk with more confidence? And eventually find speaking to anyone fun and easy to do?

A few years ago I was asked by my local University if I would help lecturers who were very knowledgeable about their topic but some of the students complained they couldn't understand what they were saying. I was also approached at the same time by the local G.P. (Doctor) training department to ask if I could show doctor's who were about to become G.P.s to speak more clearly so that the patients could understand them more easily. I was very keen to help, these are two groups of people who need to be heard and by teaching these people I came across many different problems that we solved together.

Improve your wealth

Perhaps you have the opportunity to get on, improve your wealth and your status, you're prepared to work hard but you think your voice lets you down. You haven't got the confidence you should have.

Do you know how to improve it - do you even know why you lack confidence? Why do people ask you to repeat things?

I can help you, I can explain what needs to be improved and quite often it isn't what you think.

A long time ago I spent hours and hours, day after day writing a book explaining to people how they can improve their voice and their spoken communication.

If you sign up here you will receive a link to this book for FREE. You will also get discounts for my lessons and online courses before anyone else does. Before you do you may want to read what some of my past pupils have said about me. See below and to your right

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This is a really nice course and it is teaching me a lot more then I already know. - Leena

Very practical and knowledgeable instructor! - Samantha

I have picked up few things from course which has never came across other course especially vowel sounds and why to speak slowly in large venue and out side. Serena has vast teaching experience in English - Savio

Really enjoyed it and definitely learnt something NEW! Of late I have been mumbling quite a bit. I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice. - Anushka

I suffer with anxiety & public speaking. This really helped me think of ways I can manage in situations I would feel most anxious. Thank you, I will definitely be recommending you. - Chelsea

If you only learn one or two things from my book it will have been worth me taking the time to write it and you the time to read it. What have you got to lose? 

I know what it feels like.  When I was about ten, my school had a parents evening - you know the type of thing -the parents go along and chat to the teachers to find out how their children are getting on.  During the course of the conversation with my mum, my teacher told her that I seemed happy enough but that he couldn't remember speaking to me during the year!

My mum was furious. I was an incredibly shy girl and if he didn't speak to me I certainly wasn't going to go out of my way to speak to him. As a result of this I was taken to elocution lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed these lessons and took - and passed - various exams in speech and drama and bible reading and took part every year in the Bournemouth Festival.

These lessons gave me confidence but didn't change the way I sound - I still have a Dorset accent (although when I teach I lose it!) and I strongly believe we shouldn't all sound the same.  In 1994 I qualified (A.N.E.A.) as an elocution teacher. Since then I've taught lecturers at Universities,  trainee doctors for the NHS, sports coaches, business people, tele sales personnel, health care workers, stroke victims, at schools and with national charities. I specialize in one to one private lessons for children and adults and workshops for businesses. In June 2014 I gained my F.V.C.M.(Hons). I've taught students who have appeared in television series and who have won awards for their acting. I've also written articles for various magazines worldwide, an academic paper and have published three books about speaking with confidence.