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Send your children back to School happy and with increased confidence

Helping children to Speak Clearly and Confidently

Send your children back to school with the most useful skill we can teach our children - this will help them at nursery, school, college, university and for all of their adult life.

How would your children benefit if you could send them back to school with the most important skill in life?

The benefits are numerous and we all want the best for our children.

  1. Children who can speak clearly and confidently are happy children
  2. Children who can speak clearly and confidently are more likely to be top of their class because they're not frightened to speak or ask the teacher questions.
  3. Children who can speak clearly and confidently are willing to join in social events - parties, clubs, sports etc. They don't need to have a parent with them all the time because they can speak for themselves. You, as a parent don't need to worry if they'll ask to use the toilet etc.
  4. Children who can speak clearly and confidently aresuccessful children.
  5. Confident, successful children sleep well at night.

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A lot of parents get in touch with me when their children are about 12 years old because they are worried about the clarity of their children's speech. Many children mumble, which basically means that they are speaking too quietly, too quickly, not opening their mouth and often using one word instead of sentences. This all adds up to speech that is difficult to understand and listen to. 

There are things that you can do, at home regardless of age (although older children might feel as though you are being particularly  pedantic) to help children to speak in sentences.

Helping children to speak

Find a picture or photo of an animal, I suggest cat, dog or giraffe but you can use any animal you like. You are going to show this picture to your child and discuss in sentences. Sit somewhere comfortable with your child and have a fun 10 - 15 mins with them talking about the picture. When your child answers you, repeat their answer in a sentence but do it in a way that they will hardly notice - whatever you do, don't make it sound as though you are correcting or criticizing your child. For example, in the photo abpve you could ask ' what colour ears does the dog have' and your child may answer 'black' so you then repeat ' Yes this dog has black ears'. The questions and pictures will obviously alter depending on the age of the child. This has to be fun! My online video course has 24 lessons showing you how to help your child. All of these lessons are fun and although aimed at younger children, 4- 9 years it is easy once you have watched a few lessons to adapt it for older children. I have included free with the course a download of lessons for older children. The technical skills which are covered are the same whether you are 5 years old, 15 years old or 50 years old!

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Online video course
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Help your child to speak clearly

As parents we spend hours encouraging children to walk (often before they are ready), to count and to read but we rarely spend time actively encouraging them to speak clearly. I don't mean correcting how a word is pronounced, 'no, it's not oppolit, it's opposite' (a word I had trouble with as a child) I mean teaching them to speak in sentences. We assume that because we talk all day every day our children will pick it up. 

This course will show you how to help children, how to correct them, how to encourage them to speak in sentences and how to have fun with sounds. The methods used in this course can be used to help children who aare just learning to speak or older children who just lack clarity or confidence.

Only £9.99

What people say about my courses

'Recommend to all speakers of the English Language who wish to improve or correct their pronunciation. The Teacher has a great way of explaining concepts and the reasons why a pronunciation should be correctly pronounced in a certain way. I like the tutor's way of teaching,which is a traditional style,that has substance and clarity. Video and Audio quality is very good.' - Shaun, Aug 2018

'I had a mumbling issue which led me to go to a speech therapist and pay £100 per session, after losing £200 and still not having a solution, I came across this course and I had quickly found the solution to my problem. Over and above that, I got a lot more out of this course, more than anything a real enlightenment as to how I speak, how that comes across and how I can improve my speech to get better outcomes out of conversations and speeches. Thank you Serena.' Reuben, Aug 2018