Martin Luther King Jr Day

If you have to give a speech or presentation on Martin Luther King Jr day which is on 20th January 2020, your speech must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Take time to work out what will go into each section.

What should you put in your Martin Luther King Jr Day speech?

Perhaps start with the history stating what it was that he did and why it was so important.

The first national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr took place on January 20th 1986 after many years of trying to make this a national holiday.

Talk about what he stood for and what he did..then talk about his famous 'I have a dream' speech which he gave in 1963.

The ending could be your thoughts about the future and how you think Martin Luther King, Jr has shaped modern day America.

Practical considerations

If you are giving a presentation or a speech you have probably been given a time limit and it could be anything between 2 and 15 minutes. Most people speak much too quickly so make sure you time yourself by reading it out loud slowly. It is almost impossible to time it by reading it to yourself. Your brain and eyes will read it much more quickly than your mouth can say it so open your mouth and say it out loud.

If you are going to read your presentation, remember to look up and make eye contact with your listeners from time to time. This will make them feel part of the presentation, if you don’t look up it will be as though you are just reading aloud to yourself.

Pause at every comma and full stop, this will give you a chance to take a breath and the audience will have time to take in what you have said.

Make your presentation easy to listen to by making the important words stand out. As you have written this presentation you should know what is important and you can make these words stand out by pausing before or after them or by altering the pitch or volume of your voice.

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