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Speaking in Public

The term 'Speaking in Public' can bring up images of huge halls with hundreds of listeners in the audience but the same fears and anxieties prevail when there are only one or two listeners in a much smaller room.

Speaking in public,especially on a small scale, is as essential today as it ever was. Even today, with emails, faxes and texts, the spoken word is the most effective way of communicating in business.

At Do Not Mumble I run courses that cover basic clear speech for all employees and particularly for those who have direct contact with the public.

We all know how annoying it is when visiting the dentist, doctor, lawyer, shops etc and we have to ask the person we are dealing with to keep repeating themselves.

You might be a brilliant dentist, kind and knowledgeable but can your patients hear you?

Your company might make the best pies in the South of England but can your sales team sell them?

Are you the busiest travel agent in your town?

Good communication in the workplace can make all the difference.

To get more details of individual lessons please look at this page.

Remember - Improved communication in the workplace can only be good for your business.

If your employees improve their speaking in public skills they will not only sound more confident but will feel more confident and will be more successful.

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