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Speaking on the phone

 I have always had an unexplained fear of using the phone. I always try to do everything online if possible. I've tried to analyse it but I have no answers as to why this is. 

Perhaps it's the lack of facial expressions and eye contact. I can't tell if the other person understands me, is annoyed with me, is pausing for ne to talk or is even listening to me.

There is no nod of the head to show they agree with me or any frown to let me know they don't understand. 

I know this happens in texts nut we get a chance to re read the messages before we send them and we can go out of our way to explain anything we think they mighht have  problem with. Phone calls are over in an instant and I always used to think of everything I should have said the moment I put the phone down!

I have slowly overcome this phobia but I still have to take a deep breath and prepare myself with pen and paper before I make anyy call or answer any phone.

Speaking on the phone video course

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How to overcome speaking anxiety and have a conversation

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