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Types of Speech

There are numerous types of speech and giving any speech can be terrifying but all speeches follow a similar outline. Below you will find pages which have details of various special occasion speeches. If you want to get a really good feel for giving a speech I suggest that you look, not only at the type of speech you have to give, but a few of the other ones as well.

Four types of speech

  • Persuasive Speech. You can give a speech to persuade someone to do something or buy a product or service or perhaps to get people to vote in a particular way. 
  • Informative Speech. You can give an informative speech where you are informing people of something.
  •  Demonstrative speech where you demonstrate an idea - you are informing and teaching and this speech includes a demonstration.
  • Special Occasion Speech such as a weddig speech or retirement speech

Please remember that people may complain if a speech is too long, very few people complain if a speech is short!

  • Every speech needs a purpose and this purpose is not always the same as the title of your speech.
  • Are you making a speech to persuade someone to do something?
  • Are you saying thank you to people?
  • Are you explaining how to do something?
  • Are you trying to sell something (even yourself)?
  • Once you know the purpose of your speech you can start to write it. Every speech needs an introduction, a middle and an end.
  • Do not rush when you get towards the end, you may be relieved to get there but to your audience the end is as important as the beginning.
  • Don't wait for last minute inspiration - it rarely arrives.

If you have written a speech for a special occasion and would like help in how to present it, I offer special price one off Skype lessons for £20 if you email me the speech before the lesson. I will listen to you read it and suggest any changes I think might be needed and explain how you can make yourself easy to hear and understand so that giving the speech can be as enjoyable as possible. Please use the contact form to arrange this. This session can be up to 90 mins long if needed.

Topics for your speech

Look here my list of ideas for different types of speeches/talks

Click on the different types of special occasion speeches below for more information about each one

Wedding Speech

Golf Speech

Acceptance Speech

Indian Republic Day Speech

Chinese New Year Speech

Retirement Speech

Christmas Speech

Thanksgiving Speech

For more detailed information on presenting a speech please read my Giving A Speech page

My popular online course

How to give an Informative Speech

This video course will show you how to prepare your speech, how to deliver your speech whether you should stand or sit and whether you should read it or memorise it. You will also learn how to speak so that you are clearly understood. Unlike a lot of courses about public speaking there are no super insights like 'imagine your audience is naked' it teaches the basics, in simple form, of good clear speaking. Not only does this course show you how to speak your speech it also takes you through the process of writing a speech and explains how to choose what to include.

There is also an added resource of  a list of 40 suggested titles for your informative speech.

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What people say about my courses

'Recommend to all speakers of the English Language who wish to improve or correct their pronunciation. The Teacher has a great way of explaining concepts and the reasons why a pronunciation should be correctly pronounced in a certain way. I like the tutor's way of teaching,which is a traditional style,that has substance and clarity. Video and Audio quality is very good.' - Shaun, Aug 2018

'I had a mumbling issue which led me to go to a speech therapist and pay £100 per session, after losing £200 and still not having a solution, I came across this course and I had quickly found the solution to my problem. Over and above that, I got a lot more out of this course, more than anything a real enlightenment as to how I speak, how that comes across and how I can improve my speech to get better outcomes out of conversations and speeches. Thank you Serena.' Reuben, Aug 2018