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Being able to speak clearly is back in fashion - in these extraordinary times more and more people are having to use Skype and Zoom and suddenly people are realizing that we all need to be able to talk clearly. 

We all want to feel confident when we talk. Although we can now communicate using emails, WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS - the spoken word is still the most effective way of communicating and mumbling is not acceptable.

Not communicating clearly can prevent us from getting on in life. This skill is one of the most important skills you can master. 

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Speak clearly and do not mumble!

I can teach you how to communicate at the correct pace (not too fast but not too slow), at the correct volume and with expression. I can show you how to make the sounds in your mouth and how to pronounce the different vowel and consonant sounds. Talking with expression doesn't mean being dramatic, it means using your voice to sound interesting and exciting. If you sound expressive, people will want to listen to you.

Good articulation (saying the ends of words and correct vowel sounds) and accent reduction can also be achieved with practice - but a lot of people love their accent so it's worth remembering that you can sound clear and confident with an accent as long as you speak clearly, and that usually means not talking too fast!.

The two main reasons people mumble is that they speak too quickly and they don't open their mouths wide enough. Both of these things can be easily and quickly overcome.

From being such a shy child that I didn't talk to my form teacher for almost a year, I am now a confident communicator and  a world wide author on Speech Training. I have  a unique way of teaching and I 'm  eager to help you improve your speaking skills. Read more about me here.

Skype Lessons

If you would prefer a private Skype lesson these are available all day Mondays and Wednesdays  and Saturday mornings from 6.00 am  (UK time). The fee is £11 for children up to 18 for a 30 min lesson and £20 for over 18 payable by Paypal.

Serena self

If you think of a little old lady dressed in a Tweed suit talking rather 'posh' when you hear the words 'elocution teacher' think again! I live in jeans, laugh a lot and have a hint of a Dorset accent when not teaching but I am passionate about my work and am incredibly serious (with a smile)  when it comes to teaching my clients to sound confident.

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