Do not mumble - speak clearly!

Speaking clearly is back in fashion - suddenly people are realising that we all need to be able to talk clearly.  We all want to feel confident when we talk. Although we can now communicate using emails or WhatsApp or Facebook or simply texts - the spoken word is still the most effective way of communicating and mumbling is not acceptable.

Not communicating clearly can prevent us from getting on in life. Most of us chat quite easily to friends and family, so find out how to move this skill on to talking to people we don't know.

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If you think of a little old lady dressed in a Tweed suit talking rather 'posh' when you hear the words 'elocution teacher' think again! I live in jeans, laugh a lot and have a hint of a Dorset accent when not teaching but I am passionate about my work and am incredibly serious (with a smile)  when it comes to teaching my clients to sound confident.

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Serena Greenslade F.V.C.M.(Hons), A.N.E.A., B.A.(Hons)

From being such a shy child that I didn't talk to my form teacher for almost a year, I am now a confident communicator and  a world wide author on Speech Training. I have  a unique way of teaching and I 'm  eager to help you improve your speaking skills. Read more about me here.

Speak clearly and do not mumble!

I can teach you how to communicate at the correct pace (not too fast but not too slow), at the correct volume and with expression. I can show you how to make the sounds in your mouth and how to pronounce the different vowel and consonant sounds. Talking with expression doesn't mean being dramatic, it means using your voice to sound interesting and exciting. If you sound expressive, people will want to listen to you.

Good articulation (saying the ends of words and correct vowel sounds) and accent reduction can also be achieved with practice - but a lot of people love their accent so it's worth remembering that you can sound clear and confident with an accent as long as you talk clearly, and that usually means not talking too fast!.

The two main reasons people mumble is that they speak too quickly and they don't open their mouths wide enough. Both of these things can be easily and quickly overcome.

Common mistakes when speaking

Have you ever written the word ‘somefink’? I hope the answer is no. Another question, have you ever said the word ‘somefink’? I hope the answer is still no but I have heard it said by people who should know better, many times. The word is 'something'. It isn't 'somethink' it isn't 'somefing' and it certainly isn't 'somefink'!

What about the word ‘our’? I’m sure that everyone reading this writes ‘our car’ but I wonder how many people use the wrong vowel sound when they say it! Do you say ‘our car’ or do you say the dreaded ‘are car’? Our is a tripthong and should be pronounced in exactly the same way as the word ‘hour’. Your mouth should change shape as you say the word.

Another one to catch you out — how would you say this list? The car, the bottle, the elephant, the idea, the cup? Well, the elephant and the idea should have been pronounced thee elephant and thee idea. If the word following ‘the’ starts with a vowel it is pronounced ‘thee’. Often people will say it correctly in conversation but when they are reading they say it incorrectly. 

What is wrong with this sentence? ‘He should of got some more books’. A lot of people say this and an increasing amount of people are writing it! It should be: ‘He should 'have' got some more books’. Another example of poor speech creating very bad writing.

Then we have the problem of adding or taking away syllables in words. Mischievous has only three syllables it is not mishievious with four. Probably has three and not two, please don't say — probly. Try athlete — it has two syllables not three as in athelete and children will find spelling much easier if the say different (diff er ent) and not diffrent. The same with interest (int er est) and every (ev er ree). With these last few — different, interest and every the middle syllable is very quick but it is there.

Good pronunciation is essential if you want to presesnt a professional image.

'Why should I pay for an online video course  when so much is available for free on the internet?'  The answer is that I have over 24 years experience of teaching people and I know what it feels like when speaking becomes difficult. Life becomes more stressful than it needs to be. All the information you need is here - you don't need to search for the imprortant bits and you can ask me questions anytime you want to. I have studied speech for over 30 years - I qualified in 1994 with an A.N.E.A. and received my Fellowship F.V.C.M.with Honours in 2014. I have written articles world wide and an academic paper. If you think now's the time to alter your life for the better by improving your speaking skills please look at my list of online courses. 

Whatever type of talking  you're doing the basic skills needed are the same. You may have to read aloud which is a skill that most people think they can do but they do it badly and it such an easy skill to learn. We can all read to ourselves but to read aloud you need to make sure that your mouth has time to move - your eyes and brain can work much faster than your mouth can.

You may have to explain and inform people or retell a story. Perhaps you need to sell your ideas or products.

Some of the skills needed are technical some are just common, sense  like how to stop saying 'um' when you're talking - try thinking it instead of saying it.

Click here for elocution voice exercises - some are easy, some are difficult! Remember whatever you do - do not mumble!

What people say about me .....

You are a "Guru" (teacher) in the true sense of the word, as you impart and share your knowledge in totality, and I'm lucky to have you as a teacher. Kavita.

I’m lucky enough to have had some elocution classes with Serena face-to-face some years ago in Bournemouth. Having English as a second language I used Serena’s knowledge and professionalism to help me, at first, to understand that an accent can be a part of your character and this gives your speech some flavour. The important bit is to understand and learn how to speak every single word clearly, with a good pace, with high and lows which make your speech interesting. It was enlightening, and now I have found online all those wonderful classes with a genuine English lady. This is priceless. Thank you Serena!

At the end of last term my son went for head boy and delivered an amazing speech, something we never imagined he would put himself forward for. The teachers were taken aback by his confidence and presence, he buzzed with excitement for days afterwards and said he loved speaking in public. It is through all your hard work that he has this turn around in his approach to speaking and for this we will be forever grateful. Elaine

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