elocution or speech and drama exams

Would you like your child or would you like to take an elocution or speech and drama exam?

The purpose of an elocution or  speech and drama exam is to improve communication skills, this is usually done in an exam setting by reciting or reading poems and extracts from books, aloud to an examiner. The examiner will then ask a few questions, things such as why did you choose this piece? can you tell me what you think it is about etc. There is no right or wrong answer in this part (unless at higher grades talking about theory of speech), the examiner just wants to hear if you speak as clearly when in conversation as you do when reciting poetry.

I will only enter people who have had at least 10 lessons with me and I will not enter anyone if I think they are not ready, for any reason. I have 34 years experience of entering pupils and I know the standard required.

Victoria College  - Exams in Elocution and Speech and Drama

These exams are with the Victoria College. Victoria College of Music, London, is an independent body providing examinations in Music, Speech, and Drama subjects. It has held examination sessions throughout the British Isles and certain overseas countries since it was founded in 1890. They now also offer exams by Skype or Zoom.

I will send off the examination entry form and the examining board will contact you to arrange the time and to arrange payment by Paypal.

Once it has been arranged you must be present at the time arranged, the examiners work to a tight timetable and their time must be respected.

For most exams at least some of the pieces will have to be memorised and I will suggest the grade I think is suitable for your age and experience, we will choose the pieces together, remembering that for some exams there are set pieces.

Any person who decides to take an exam must realise that practice is required between lessons, and for most exams poems or pieces of prose need to be memorised. I cannot learn pieces for you, you have to do it yourself.

Taking an exam online may feel more informal as you are in your own home but the standard is as high as if you were in an examination room with the examiner.

I am happy to enter pupils for the following subjects, there are set age limits for some exams that I cannot ignore

  • Speech 
  • Oral Communication
  • Reading Aloud
  • Public Speaking - for approx 15 years upwards
  • English as a second language
  • Shakespeare - 14 years is recommended starting age
  • Solo Acting 
  • Bible Reading -  Candidates may substitute the Bible with English versions of scriptures of their other religious traditions, but the programme of readings should be submitted for approval well in advance of the examination.


  • Introductory Grades 65% 
  • Grades 1 to 8 65% 
  • with Merit 80%; with Distinction 90% Merit is shown as “Honours” in Ireland 
  • Medal examinations 75% 
  • Diplomas 75% (85% with Honours)

The certificate will be sent directly to you and I will ask that you can send me a photo of the report sheet so that we can discuss the results.

VCM Exams

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