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Date Name Comments
December 2023 Joanna 'This course has been a good match for me, teaching me the things l wanted to learn, from how to pronounciate words and put meaning and expression into its meaning.'
June 2023 Donna-Marie 'Serena was very organized, clear and took the time to explain why to do the things she asked. Her exercises and resources were super helpful for me to practice. She was honest about speaking mistakes that she even does from time to time. Made me feel that, I didn't have to be perfect, just keep learning and trying to get better. She genuinely cared about me learning. It was so nice.'
April 2023 Andrea 'I think this course is very useful. I am going with my child to child speech therapist and how much I am paying her I am not very satisfied with her help. Or with polyclinic for rehabilitation of hearing and speech, they're even worse (I need to wait for 6 months for appoitment to tell me that I need to help my child with speaking. More did I do by helping my child speak cleary and better then they did (I know I am mother but still their job is to teach us parents or help our children) so this is one way to help my child with speaking. I didn't know that it can be so easy and playful. Thank you for your help.'
October 2022 Ellen 'Serena is natural, likable, and clear. I learned useful tips about how to use my voice in a more purposeful way while reading aloud. She focuses our attention on a skill that is useful in many areas of work and life.'
October 2022 Imogen 'It's always a good sign when a teacher tells you things you didn't even realize you didn't know that you didn't know. That points to an impressive depth of knowledge and experience. Serena is among the top 3 best teachers of *anything* I've encountered on Skillshare. Really top notch, to the point, effective, engaging and likeable. I will recommend her to all of my friends in need of voice coaching from henceforth.'
Sept 2021 Sarah 'I've been trying to get concrete skills of acting or voice acting techniques, and most instructional videos just touch the surface and give one or two insightful tips. Whereas, Serena goes into depth about the skills needed and treats you as though you are the only one she is teaching. Well done! '
Sept 2021 Philna 'I enjoyed this course. (a) It was an excellent recap of some poetry basics (b) I am now much more aware how much rhythm and meter can enhance my poetry (c) I wrote my first sonnet, which was fun and much easier than I thought it would be, but also challenging because of the prescribed sentence ends (d) I appreciated the section on HOW to read poetry. An excellent reminder that poetry is a spoken medium and that a well-written poem deserves to be well-performed. '
January 2019 Satheesh short, concise and fantastic.
January 2019 Gregory I like that you are not just rambling about being authentic and finding yourself and on and on (like another course I tried), but getting right to the nuts and bolts of HOW to write poetry.
Nov 2018 Liz REALLY helpful. I'm delighted.
Nov 2018 Matthew very friendly instructor and shes cute lol
Sept 2018 EE Amazing Course, I'm already satisfied with what I learned so far, can't wait to finish it
Aug 2018 Reuben I had a mumbling issue which led me to go to a speech therapist and pay £100 per session, after losing £200 and still not having a solution, I came across this course and I had quickly found the solution to my problem. Over and above that, I got a lot more out of this course, more than anything a real enlightenment as to how I speak, how that comes across and how I can improve my speech to get better outcomes out of conversations and speeches. Thank you Serena.
Aug 2018 Laurie She explained everything professionally well and honest she gave very good useful tips and has this unique charm and engaging voice that soothes my fears of always being afraid to speak to others because they might judge me and she was thoroughly precise and to the point and she gave quite a lot of useful longevity tips for everyday use. IMPRESSIVE 5 STARS!!
July 2018 Martin The class provided clear and practical advice. I really appreciated this class. Thank you for making it interesting, brief and to the point.
March 2018 Anuska Really enjoyed it (online course) and definitely learnt something NEW :) ! Off late I have been mumbling quite a bit. I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice. It was definitely a short and sweet course..
March 2018 Newton I’m lucky enough to have had some elocution classes with Serena face-to-face some years ago in Bournemouth. Having English as a second language I used Serena’s knowledge and professionalism to help me, at first, to understand that an accent can be a part of your character and this gives your speech some flavour. The important bit is to understand and learn how to speak every single word clearly, with a good pace, with high and lows which make your speech interesting. It was enlightening, and now I have found online all those wonderful classes with a genuine English lady. This is priceless. Thank you Serena!.
Dec 2014 Kavita I can't thank you enough for sharing your valuable information about conducting elocution lessons with children. You are a "Guru" (teacher) in the true sense of the word, as you impart and share your knowledge in totality, and i'am lucky to have you as a teacher. Skype sessions with you and your material (which i'am aware involves a lot of time and research)has given me a clear idea how to structure lessons.
9 Sept 2014 Elaine At the end of last term my son went for head boy and delivered an amazing speech, something we never imagined he would put himself forward for. Many of the teachers complimented him and were taken aback by his confidence and presence, he buzzed with excitement for days afterwards and said he loved speaking in public. It is through all your hard work that he has this turn around in his approach to speaking and for this we will be forever grateful.
21 April 2013 Joe Dear Mrs. Greenslade, I would like to thank you for helping me have confidence in my speech today. It is because of you I did much better than I have before when presenting as speech. I was a little shaky, but other than that my voice sounded fine and I pronounced every word slowly and with emphasis on those that I wanted people to hear! Elections are tomorrow. Without you, this would not have happened! You are an inspiration! Thank you so much, Joe from New York
Jan 2012 Sue Thanks for your help and patience with our son. He now talks in assembly at school which I never would have thought possible
July 07 Sarah Just to say thank you so much for all that you've done for our daughter - it's made such a difference to her and her confidence in herself is wonderful to see.
I'm so glad we found you in time - before our move to Dubai.Wishing you all the best and thank you again.
June 07 Julie Hi, I wasn't sure what elocution even was but you've helped my daughter sound so much more confident, we're amazed and what's more she enjoyed every lesson. Thanks
June 07 Gary I've always had to repeat what I say to people because they couldn't understand me, now I can speak clearly and hardly ever get asked to repeat things. Best thing I ever did!
May 07 Mrs Harvey I asked you to teach my son because he had problems with his articulation, now he can't wait to take acting exams with you, the improvement is fantastic. Thank you Serena for all your help.
May 07 Adrian Just had to say thanks for helping me with the speech I had to give. I didn't think I could do it, but everyone was amazed at how confident I sounded.