my Patreon page

I am Serena and I've been teaching people to speak clearly with confidence since 1994. I now live in central Portugal with my partner and two rescue dogs. I used to live in the south of England. I love to laugh and when I teach I like my students to smile.

I teach children and adults from all around the world.

When I started in 1994 I taught mainly children in school halls and church halls and we put on shows for parents and friends. After a few years I was teaching a mix of adults and children in my home and in their own home. I entered hundreds of people for exams. Next came the advent of being able to teach online and with Skype I was able to teach people from all around the world - and I did. Australia, India, USA, Singapore, Brazil, Oman, Saudi, Kenya, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Canada and Ireland to name a few.

After this I progressed onto creating online courses so that people from all over the world could learn to speak clearly with confidence at a time and date to suit them. I created courses that show people how to read aloud with ease, give presentations, that show parents how to help their children to speak clearly, how to have a conversation without fear, how to act and also a course about writing poetry.

All of this time I have continued to teach individuals, although now I live in Portugal it has to be on Skype, not because I'm not allowed to teach face to face here but to be honest most people here are trying very hard to pronounce Portuguese and most Portuguese can speak English brilliantly already.

So what next? Well, I though about a membership website and then I remembered Patreon. I had no idea what it was really, but I did know of a couple of people who had Patreon pages. I am hoping to have a Parteon page where I can offer online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, Q and A sessions, meerchandise (notebooks, stickers, t shirts etc.) and much, much more. I would like to create a brand – The 'Ello Q Shun lady.

With your imput I think we can do it.