Personalised Professional package

Do you feel that your lack of communication skills lets you down? If so, I am here to help.

This is what your personalised course will include

  • 6 x  30 minute sessions, to be taken by Skype at your convenience. This can be one a week, or all five in one week or once a fortnight/month
  • Homework between sessions - this could be memorising speeches, prose, poems etc or answering some theory questions
  • Free access to my video courses and after the first session I will record a personalized video especially for you and you will have life long access to it.
  • Available 7 days a week at anytime by arrangement, so it doesn't mattter where in the world you are. We will be able to arrange a time to suit us both.

All of the above personalised course for only £299. Remember this includes my video courses, my ebook, a custom video lesson with exercises designed specifically for you plus the 6 x 30 min lessons. Please email me for more information about times available, payment etc.

Due to the time involved in teaching each person with an individually designed course there are only limited places available so don't miss out, contact me today.

  • During these lessons I will teach you how to speak clearly and confidently from anywhere in the world. I can show you how to improve your verbal communication skills so that you can feel confident when giving a presentation, meeting new clients or promoting your business.
  • I can help if English is your first or an additional language
  • I can help improve your articulation, I can help you slow down, I can teach you how to sound more interesting among other skills
  • These lessons can help with your articulation - do you leave off the ends of your words or do all your vowels sound the same?
  • Do you speak very quickly and find it impossible to slow down without sounding monotonous?
  • Many people come to me with the same question - can you help me lose my accent? Elocution lessons can help with the reduction of an accent.
  • I will email you (before the lesson) the voice exercises and pieces we will use during the lesson. Ideally these will be printed out. After the first session all of the pieces will be tailored specifically to your needs

If you're wondering what other people have said about me and my courses have a read of this.....

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  2. This course was fantastic! The excercises were so fun and I learned so much about how the body and voice enhance an actor's performance. Ansley - Jan 2023
  3. I am enjoying Serena's clear delivery of the course so far. To make sure I understand I have re-listened to Serena to make my notes clear as possible. I am doing the how to write poetry course. Stephanie - Jan 2023
  4. I learned a lot. I implemented some tips on my child, was able to see difference immediately. Im so thankful to the creator of the course. Rumy - Jan 2023
  5. It’s definitely very early on in the course but I am absolutely loving it and I love this teacher!. Lee Ann - Nov 2022
  6. Excellent course for anyone interested in voice acting. The instructor is knowledgeable and able to convey that knowledge to the students effectively. Frank - Oct 2022
  7. Professor Greenslade's lectures are elegantly compact yet admirably comprehensive in terms of voice acting coverage and reading aloud. Her lessons are extremely stimulating and engaging. I really enjoyed attending these user-friendly and useful lectures. - Milos -  August 2022
  8. Excellent course! The instructions and resources are really well laid out. The instructor is likable and very clear about her expectations of you as her students, which is much appreciated. This course is by far one of the best purchases I made on Udemy. Brandon  - August 2022
  9. Ms. Serena is a wonderful teacher! Her lectures are interesting and fun and she gives some very great tips. There are resources so you can take notes as you go along. The lectures are short but powerful. I'm so happy that I enrolled! Victoria -  July 2022
  10. Love it! Serena is a very knowledgable and encouraging teacher! Lessons are engaging and full of great tips! Thank you Serena! Amy April 2022
  11. This lady is brilliant. Very clear, extremely informative. Can't wait to continue! Wendy - March 2022
  12. Course was good, at first I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me but continued and by section six I was amazed! Now I’m aware of how to speak correctly in day to day life. Megan - Jan 2022
  13. Serena has all the courses I've been looking for so long, I couldn't be happier and more grateful. Absolutely recommended. Paolo - Jan 2022
  14. She is so sweet, kind and you can see she knows what she is talking about regarding speaking. She is professional yet easy going. This course so far is very helpful. she is engaging with her viewers and keeps your attention. Lovely lady. Jason -  Jan 2022