Sit and Seat - the 'i' and 'ee' sounds

Two vowel sounds that often become confused are the short 'I' in words like 'bib' and the long 'ee' sound as in 'dream'. In the two examples I've used here it doesn't matter too much but in words like sit and seat or live and leave the two words often end up sounding the same.

The sound in the first list below is the short 'i' sound and the sound in the second list is a longer 'ee' sound with your mouth making more of a smile

Lists of words with the two vowel sounds found in sit and seat

  1. Live
  2. Sit
  3. Wit
  4. Ship
  5. Fit
  6. Bit
  7. Sitting`
  8. Bitten
  9. Brittle
  10. Tin
  11. Mid
  12. Din
  13. Gin
  14. His
  15. Hit
  16. Bin
  17. Nit
  18. Sis
  19. Fist
  20. List
  21. Scissors
  22. Fill
  23. Mill
  1.   Leave
  2. Seat
  3. Wheat
  4. Sheep
  5. Feet
  6. Beat
  7. ` Seating
  8. Beaten
  9. Beetle
  10. Teen
  11. Mead
  12. Dean
  13. Jean
  14. He’s
  15. Heat
  16. bean
  17. Neat
  18. cease
  19. feast
  20. least
  21. Caesars
  22. feel
  23. meal

Sentences for the two vowel sounds

  • I used to live in Bournemouth but I had to leave because I got bitten by the Blandford Fly and my feet became very swollen.
  • My eyes always hurt in the hot weather and the heat seemed to hit me as soon as I opened the door.
  • There are at least six things on my list
  • It was hard for me to sit in the garden seat.
  • He’s in his little shed
  • My sister Jean loved a drop of gin because it made her feel happy

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