Speak more clearly

'The instructor is an awesome lady. She is well thought and well spoken (of course).... - Michael

The course also includes as a download my 31 page ebook about speaking well and goes into the topics in the course in a little bit more detail.

Improve your communication skills by learning to sound confident and speak clearly,  for public speaking or everyday use

My course 'How to speak clearly and confidently' will teach you how to speak so that you have more confidence in your voice and are more easily understood when talking to people in social situations, at work, school, making presentations, public speaking etc.

I have been teaching people to speak well for over 25 years and I know how to teach you to improve and I know what exercises will help you. I teach this course as though you were sitting opposite me in my lounge, I explain and discuss the methods and then ask you to perform the vocal exercises. You will learn the technical aspects of speaking clearly as well as the expressive aspects. 

I was an extremely shy child and hated speaking to anyone and when I did I was nervous and quiet. I was taken to elocution lessons at the age of 10 and this had a lasting effect on me. After I graduated form University I went back to my passion - teaching people how to speak with confidence. I qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) and taught for over 20 years and then took my Fellowship exam in 2014 which I passed with Honours, F.V.C.M.(Hons). I have taught university lecturers, doctors, engineers, children, parents, salespeople, teachers, nurses, students, entrepreneurs - since 1994 I have taught people of all ages from all professions from all over the world to speak English more clearly. I have written articles in magazines worldwide (and an academic paper).

This is a course that you can dip into (although you shouldn't need to)  forever because the information I teach in this course will never go out of date - it will always be an essential part of communicating.

There are explanations and demonstrations with chances for you to listen to me and copy me. This is like having a lesson with me face to face. We cover the technical skills required to speak well and the expression you need to make what you say sound interesting. There are no gimmicks just common sense with a bit of fun!

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The benefits of taking this course:

  1. People will be able to hear you more easily because you will know how to avoid mumbling
  2. Listeners will remember what you say with greater ease.
  3. You will have more confidence in your voice
  4. You will be able to slow down the speed at which you talk
  5. You'll have the ability to make what you say sound interesting - no more boring talks

This means that:

  1. You will be able to speak in any situation with less stress
  2. Giving presentations will be less stressful
  3. If you are a student at college or university the benefits are great, you will be able to talk confidently to your teacher/lecturer enabling you to ask questions and learn much more quickly. A lot of college/University courses now expect students to give presentations - don't lose sleep worrying about them.

Between 80% and 90% of information is retained by listeners if delivered by a trained voice as opposed to only 40% if delivered by an untrained voice.

Join now and improve how you speak today!

'Serena is an amazing instructor. She gives very clear, simple instructions, and the reasons behind them. My speech has improved instantly and I can't wait to learn more. This is a fantastic course, which I highly recommend. Thank you Serena, I can't wait for your next course.' - Richard

You may have the best ideas in the world, you may be the top  expert in your field but if people can't hear you clearly or understand what you are saying - they will never know how brilliant you are! 

Please have a look at my promotional and free sample lectures and see how I can help you. I look forward to teaching you.