Vowel Sounds

In English we have five vowels, a, e, I, o, u.

These five letters make lots of different sounds and sometimes different letters can make the same sound – for example the e in new is the same sound as the u in blue. In the following examples I have underlined the letter but you will notice in some sentences other letters or combination of letters make the same sound.


The letter 'a' can make an a sound as in 'The cat sat in the hat and had a dramatic time'

Or an 'a' sound like these 'My jaw hurt when I talked, I became exhausted'

Or an 'a' sound like these 'The farmer worked very hard in the castle'

Alternatively the letter 'a' can sound like this 'The lady with the plate was waiting for documentation'


The letter 'e' can sound like this 'She sat in the seat immediately, she could feel the bee getting closer'

'E' can s o und like this 'The architect couldn't spell the word fluorescent'


The letter 'I' can be 'The child's smile was undeniably terrifying'

Or like this 'She was very particular about the exhibition and didn't know where to sit'


This time four differet sounds

How do I fix my shower

The boat was owned by a lady who liked to sew clothes

The boy was annoyed because it ruined his enjoyment

I want the dog to solve the problem

It would be good if you could look at the football please


Three sounds

Can you put your foot in the bush

Who will chew the blue sweet?

Does my cousin charge just as much to stay in the country

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